The travelling wedding dress


One wedding dress – Two photographers – Lots of travelling

A few weeks ago I woke up with a crazy idea at the back of my mind (this happens more often than I care to admit). I went onto my Asos app and searched for ‘wedding dress’. There is no ring on my finger and I am not getting married, yet I bought a wedding dress. A floor length, low back, off white wedding dress in my size. I’m not crazy, I promise!

When I received it I told Greg not to freak out and explained my idea to him. I was going to bring the dress with us every time we travel and have him photograph me wearing it against super-duper beautiful landscapes all across the world. Or when I travel with my sister I would photograph her wearing the dress, we look so similar no one could tell the difference…

We flew to France over the Christmas period and I put my plan into action. I did a quick shoot with my sister and got some awesome photos. We then planned a short hike to a cool lake in the mountains and, because my sister refused to wear the dress in the freezing cold, I ended up being the one in white. I asked Greg to photograph me wearing the dress and he got really excited, he said he actually really enjoyed it (how could he not as a wedding photographer).

And thus began the story of the travelling wedding dress…


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