Couple Session: Alice + Marvin


Alice & Marvin ROCKED their couple session last week at the Louvre, what an awesome place for a shoot!

I met Alice last year when I took photos for her and my sister at their graduation in New York City (how cool is it that my sister graduated in NYC??). She had already been seeing Marvin for a while and my sister was going on about how cute they were together.

So when I planned my trip to Paris I got in touch with Alice and pitched my idea to her to do a couple session for her and Marvin at the Louvre Pyramid. I chose this location because quite frankly it’s awesome. I mean there is a freaking glass pyramid coming out of the ground and going down into the underground bit of the museum!! And the architecture of the building around is astoundingly beautiful. Alice was SO excited about this session she even asked what outfits they could wear so I sent her a few examples off my pinterest. They showed up wearing pretty much the exact same outfits as the pictures I sent them and they looked awesome!!

I took them around the Louvre and, although it was crowded as hell, managed to find a few quiet spots to take photos. I’m absolutely in love with the result, they were so natural and full of smiles!

Think you’d like your own Paris Couple Session? Drop me a line and let’s make it happen!

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