Sarah + Richard’s Engagement Session


When I met Sarah and Richard we instantly hit it off.  They noticed my Marauder’s map notebook and within minutes we were talking about Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and all sorts of geeky stuff. I should mention that this was before the truly terrible series finale of GOT. I just hated the ending and feel like I can no longer call myself a GOT fan.

Anyhow, when we started planning Sarah and Richard’s engagement session they asked if we could do it at Leadenhall Market, and I HAD to say yes. Leadenhall Market is one of my favourite places in London (I have many favorite places in London if I’m honest, check out my travel instagram). I just love the colours, the quiky little shops and bars and I knew it would be pretty empty on a Sunday afternoon giving Sarah and Richard a bit more privacy than on a busy Thursday night surrounded by drunk bankers and lawyers (I’ve always wondered, how do they manage to go to work the next day? I can’t operate when hangover, I have to stay in bed feeling sorry for myself ALL DAY).

Also, Leadenhall Market happens to be in the Harry Potter films sooooo… It was the perfect location! Plus we stopped by St Dustan in the East Church to finish the session and this place has some crazy Harry Potter vibes. It was my first time there and I LOVED it.

Think you’d like your own Leadenhall Market Engagement Session? Drop me a line and let’s make it happen!

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