NYE London Wedding

Sarah & Joe

How did you two meet?

Joe and I met at university 10 years ago – when we were 21, just babies. We both studied architecture and our eyes met across the computer lab where we were learning how to create CGI renders, very romantic!

Tell me about the proposal

We got engaged in October 2019, we are both keen athletes and have always run, cycled and skied together. In March 2019 I had a serious skiing accident and thought there might be a chance I wouldn’t run again. We trained and did loads of physio, saw countless doctors and surgeons and everything together, then finally in October 2019 we ran a marathon together up in Scotland. At the end of the marathon, exhausted and emotional (and a little bit delirious) Joe proposed and I said yes, it was undoubtedly the best moment of 2019. We were so delirious we forgot to take a photo and my mum called and made us get back into our sweaty run gear and recreate the moment!

Tell me about your wedding plans

The wedding is a kind of 1920s Great Gatsby theme so I’m hoping everyone will be dressed up in their sparkly 1920s best! The space will be decorated in an 1920s art deco style (basically think Gatsby – I’m going to be watching that film a lot in the next 12 months!).

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