Guernsey Wedding

This week we flew out to go capture Tiffany & John’s gorgeous Guernsey wedding. We met up with them the evening before their wedding so they could take us for a little tour of the area and show us their sperry tent set up. Having a Guernsey wedding means you can expect the weather to change drastically in a matter of hours! When they showed us around it was boiling hot (like at least 30 degrees) and sunny as hell without a single cloud in the sky. The next day we woke up to much cooler temperatures (thank feck for that) and overcast sky, and we ended the day with such strong winds that the staff from Bonita Events had to come back and go round the sperry tent every half our to add more and more pegs. Oh and the catering tent flew off and knocked over the oven so the evening food had to be cut short. Other than that it was a gorgeous Guernsey wedding. We went up to some cliffs near the coast for Tiffany & John’s intimate couple session and the views were pretty epic. The speeches were funny as ever, including a mention of the groom, John, being taken the absolute p out of on national television on Googlebox a few years back. In the evening the band quickly managed to get everyone on their feet and dancing which made for some pretty cool photos.

Here’s a few of our favourite images from Tiffany & John’s gorgeous wedding!

Florist // Simply Bespoke
Tent/venue stylist // Bonita Events
Band // Last of the Light Brigade
Food // Cooked
Dress // Pretty Woman

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