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Just a reminder that my 'working hours' are 10am to 6pm on week days and that I'm usually shooting weddings on Saturdays and resting on Sundays. I also sometimes take days off during the week if/when I need/want to (I usually announce this on my instagram stories - make sure to follow me!). You're welcome to email me at any time but I'll only reply during my 'working hours' :)

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Last updated: 20/07

Editing progress


What's the lead times on our photos/films?

Your photos will be ready within 8-12 weeks of your wedding, and your films within 12-16 weeks

Can we get some sneak peeks of our photos?

Yep! I usually edit a few photos during your wedding breakfast or the day after your wedding and post them on my blog. If you've asked for your photos not to be posted online then I'll upload your sneak peeks onto your private gallery and send you the link.

Can we have a few more sneak peeks or ask for a specific photo that wasn't included in the sneak peeks?

Short answer: no. I'm super busy editing all my amazing couples's weddings and I simply don't have time to go through your photos again to add a few more sneak peeks or find that one photo you want. It would delay the editing of the weddings ahead of yours on our editing list and it really wouldn't be fair on the other couples!

Can you re edit some of/all our photos if we don't like the editing style?

Unless I f*cked up the edit and it's completely different to what you can see on my website then no. I use a preset to edit our photos which I have designed and perfected over the years. This preset is the style of my work and by booking me you have accepted that this preset would be used.  Now I want you to love your wedding photos so if you're really unhappy with the editing I can send your photos to an editor to be edited again in a different style but you will need to cover the cost of this.

Will you photoshop stuff out of our photos if needed?

I'll photoshop temporary stuff like blemishes or a big bruise if they're clearly visible and only on you and your partner. If you want anything else to be photoshopped you'll need to let me know within 1 month of receiving your gallery and depending on what you want me to photoshop I'll let you know if I'll need to pay someone to do it in which case I'll ask you to cover the costs.

Can you make some amendments to our film(s)?

I edit your films to the music (as in your entire film is built around the music so it flows nicely) so I only allow one round of reasonable slight amendments, please let me know within 14 days of receiving your film. If the amendments you want would require a significant re editing of the film I will need you to cover the costs of re editing.