Dark & moody Lightroom wedding preset

Looking for a Lightroom wedding preset with gorgeous warm tones and a dark and moody feel to edit your wedding photos?

Check this out:



Who is the preset for?

Pretty much anyone who shoots weddings and portraits!

Complete beginners:



Whether you've never used presets before and have no idea how to edit images, or whether you're hoping to perfect your editing style, this preset is perfect for you. It's easy to install (includes a quick set up guide), can transform your images in one click or be tweaked to match your style and is compatible with Sony, Nikon and Canon.

'I kind of know how to edit but I want a nice preset to give my images that dark and moody feel'

'I have no idea how to edit'

'I know how to edit but I need a base preset with nice warm tones I can tweak and taylor to my own style'

Ready to take your photos to the next level?

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The Unscripted preset



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