Start by filling in my contact form - include as little or as much info as you want. If you have no idea what you want/need, not to worry, we can figure this out together. We’ll schedule a free 10 minute phone/zoom consultation (or exchange a few emails if you're a minimum human interaction kinda person) to discuss your vision and how I will help make it happen.

Get in touch & let's chat

step 2:

As soon as you're booked in I'll send you a questionnaire so I can learn more about your business, your vision and your needs and get started on your website. Depending on what what package you booked we'll also schedule a 30 minute consultation to go over everything together!


Questionnaire & Consulation

step 3:

step 4:

Once I'm done with your set up & design we'll schedule a video consultation so I can walk you through your new website. I'll also share my screen to show you the back end so you know how to change the text/images when you need to update your website. I'll make note of any adjustments you need.

If you need me to make adjustments to your design I'll work on those and let you know when I'm done - otherwise you're ready to launch! 

Final consultation



Let's do this!