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Here's all the tools & resources I use to make my life + running my business easier

Btw some of the links below are affiliate links meaning I make a small commission when you buy stuff using these links. You don't get charged any more so it won't make a difference to you, all it does is put a tiny bit extra money in my pocket so I can get a takeaway every now and then and maintain that lockdown weight I worked so hard to put on ;)

She Creates
the way

Building a storybrand

Whether you're just starting out or have an established business you need to buy this book to gain clarity in the message you deliver to your customers/clients! I read it in two days and it completely changed the way I see and run my business.

This one is more of a motivator kinda book, it gives you all the hope and confidence you didn't know you needed to pursue your dreams and turn your side hustle into a full time job. It's inspiring, it'll cheer you up and push you to take your business to the next level!



When you do you taxes at the end of each year and see £xxxx in the 'profit' box, do you ever wonder where that money is? It's gone isn't it, you've already spent it... If this sounds familiar then you need to read this book! It'll open your eyes and give you a simple system to pay yourself first so you actually make a profit...



I use Sprout Studio as my CRM and it’s honestly changed the way I run my business. It does pretty much everything including contracts, invoices, email marketing, it has a scheduler and you can set up a page for clients to book your services directly (+ it has galleries and album design proofs for photographers!). I love that everything is in one place for me and my clients, and I’ve had loads of clients tell me they were super impressed with how easy it was to book! Sprout Studio do a 21 day free trial and this link will give you 20% off your first year.

Showit is a drag and drop website builder that gives you full creative freedom over the layout and design of your website, all without a single line of code.  Oh and it also hosts your website! All you need is a domain name and Showit does the rest. They have an amazing help section with tons of step by step guides to help you design your dream website, and the Showit staff is super helpful and always ready to help.


Sony 85mm f/1.8

Sony A7 iii


for photographers

This model has been out for a few years but imho it is still one of the best camera on the market and it's amazing value for money. I have 2 of them and cannot fault them. 

My favourite lens for portraits! The bokeh on this is amazing and it's super sharp and quick to focus. It's fairly big and a little on the heavy side but that's to be expected for an 85mm lens.

Samyang 18mm f/2.8

Sony 35mm f/1.8

My number one lens! 35mm is such a versatile focal length, it's wide enough for most things and if you get closer to your subject you get a nice bokeh in the background. I could probably shoot an entire wedding just with this lens. Now the lens itself is really good quality, sharp, fast to focus and bright. It's not cheap but affordable compared to some other 35mm lenses.

I bought this lens to go travelling and get some wide angle landscape shots but I also use it at weddings. It's super handy to fit a whole room/building if in a tight space and I use it for wide shots with the couple when I want to give a sense of scale. It's sharp, fast to focus and super small and light!

glass prism

lens changer

If you ever find yourself wishing you could carry an extra lens on you but don't have pockets or a safe place to carry it this is the tool for you. It's pretty easy to use, you just need to put your spare lens on one end and when you want to switch lenses take the lens that's on your camera off, put it on the lens change, take the spare lens off the lens changer and put it on your camera!

This is a great tool to get creative. There's no right or wrong way to use it, just place it close to your lens and look through your viewfinder. Move it around and find an angle that works nicely. Depending on the circumstances I use it to reflect the sky or a building, or if there's some nice lights etc..

Godox X2T-s trigger

Godox V350s flash

If like me you switched to Sony/mirrorless to give your poor back a break from the heavy weight of a full frame DSLR then this is the flash you need. It's small and light but packs a punch and considering I only really use during the first it's perfect for what I need. And it's affordable. No need to fork out hundreds on a Sony flash!

If you buy the Godox V350s flash and want to pop it on a light stand and trigger it from a distance you'll need this trigger. 

Macro Extension tubes

Sandisk sd cards

Little trick of the trade for those who don't want to fork out £1000 for a macro lens... Macro extension tubes on your existing lenses do the trick! There's no loss of quality as it's a tube, no glass or anything in the way, they're super easy to use and can reduce the minimum focusing distance of your lenses until you can pretty much see the fibres on a piece of clothing. And they're super cheap!

These are my favourite SD cards, they're fast enough, fairly cheap, often on offer and do the job.

NAS hard drives


These are the internal hard drives we've purchased to put in our NAS and they've been amazing!

To back up all our photos + videos we've invested in a Synology NAS. This bad boy is basically capable of re creating the data in case of a drive failure (it's set up in RAID5) so we don't have to worry about losing any photos/footage.

rotolight neo 2

ronin rs2 gimbal


for videographers

If  you like your films to be smooth AF this is the tool you need! Greg started using a gimbal in February 2020 and it completely changed the look of his films (for the better!). This is the latest model and it has all sorts of super handy features, well worth the price.

This is the video light Greg uses when it gets dark at weddings, usually during the first dance and for sparklers. It's super easy to use, you can adjust the brightness and temperature with the dials on the back, and it's pretty powerful for its size. It also comes with an AC plug so you can stick it on a tripod and plug it in and not have to worry about running out of battery.

Sony 55mm f/1.8

Gimbal handle

Brilliant lens, super fast to focus (unlike the 50mm 1.8 which I would not recommend for video or photos for that matter), sharp as hell and fairly small and light. Great all rounder!

If your arms gets tired when filming, this handle will help!

Itch flea treatment
dog food

Taylor made dog food to suit your dog's needs, delivered straight to your door every month! When we first got Lexi she had a a really bad tummy for a few weeks, and she started being fussy with her food. We changed her food twice but she still wasn't 100% so we decided to try and she LOVED it! She finished all her food and her tummy settled within a few days. I love that it gets delivered every month so I know Lexi will never run out of food! Use this link to get a one month FREE trial :)

Just like the dog food, subscription this is an easy way to remember to give your dog it's flea treatment! It's delivered to your door every month, you can also order wormer treatments, supplements and treats, and they even have treatments for cats! Get your first month FREE using this link.

pet stuff

dog car seat

Pet water

Great to get  your pets to drink more water! We use it for our cat Sia, she used to always beg to drink from the tap or sneakily drink from our glasses so we go this as we found out cats prefer to drink from flowing water.

Here's the car seat we use for Lexi - she loves it! It's easy to set up and pretty secure, Lexi often ends up taking a snooze in there as she's too short to look out the window.

USB hub

Massage gun

home stuff

Is it just me or laptops have less and less USB ports...? Every time I buy a new laptop (okay this only happens every 4-5 years) I lose a USB port!! So I found this USB hub, it has 4 ports and supports USB 3.0

This is a life saver if like me you work from home and get a sore neck/back (whether it's because of poor posture or a shitty chair not suited for desk work...)