Claire + Simon’s Engagement Session


Claire & Simon ROCKED their Engagement Session on Saturday, they were so natural and full of smiles despite the cold.

I showed up a little early and walked around the park for a bit to find the best locations. almost froze to death as I’d left my scarf in the car but I survived. I went back to my car to grab my scarf and then took Claire and Simon around all the nice locations I had found. There were loads of bluebells in the forest so I had to include them in the pictures. We headed down to the riverbank to get some sunsety type photos and slowly made our way back up, finding loads of new locations and backdrops along the way. I thought we were going to get lost, cause you know all the trees look the same, but Claire and Simon seemed to know their way around so I kind of let them lead the way back to the car park.

These two were awesome, they had mentioned being camera shy when we first met, but they were actually super natural and without me even having to say anything they were all cute and cuddly which is exactly what I want for an engagement session. I can’t wait for their wedding in November!

Here’s a few of my favourite images from their session.

Think you’d like to have an Engagement Session in Orwell Country Park? Drop me a line and let’s make it happen!

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